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Nicole Howton
Photo: Nicole Howton


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Nov 2010
Licensed To Teach:

Zumba Zumba Gold Gold Tonining Toning Sentao Pilates


Nicole Howton is a Pilates instructor, certified in Beginning and Intermediate Mat work. She is currently training in Advanced Pilates Mat Technique. Nicole has been a Zumba instructor for four year and owns her own private dance and fitness studio in Lodi, CA. She has a background in both ballet and jazz dance and has taught 100's of classes to youth and adults.

"I began dance training at age 7. After forty years of constant dancing, my body was tired, injured and aging. My orthopedic surgeon suggested I begin a Pilates program. He assured me that Pilates would improve my quality of life and allow my body to heal. He was right. Once I discovered how therapeutic Pilates was for my body, I was anxious to share this form of fitness with my Zumba students and my community. Of all the styles of dancing and exercise I have taught in my lifetime, Pilates has been by far the most beneficial, gentle and yet extremely effective for maintaining the strength and tone of my body. No, Pilates will not stop the aging process, but it will absolutely bring relief, strength and healing to anyone who implements it as a regular practice in their life. There is no form of fitness that I more strongly recommend than authentic Pilates."

Nicole Howton

Email: nicole@troupecabanastudio.com